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pscyhology definitions developement

pscyhology definitions developement - Applied Research...

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Applied Research - research meant to provide practical solutions to immediate problems. Refers to scientific study and research that seeks to solve practical  problems. Applied research is used to find solutions to everyday problems, cure  illness, and develop innovative technologies. Psychologists working in human  factors or industrial/organizational fields often do this type of research. Behavior modification – a formal technique for promoting the frequency of desirable behaviors and decreasing the incidence of unwanted ones . behavioral perspective Perspective that focuses on observable behavior and emphasizes the learned nature of behavior and observable behavior and outside stimuli in the enviroment. Bioecological approach – the perspective suggesting that different levels of the environment simultaneously influence individuals. Case studies - studies that involve extensive, in depth interviews with a particular individual or small group of individuals. Cohort A group of people born during the same period in historical time. Group of individuals born in the same period. Classical conditioning – a type of learning in which an organism responds in a particular way to a neutral stimulus that normally does not bring about that type of response. cognitive development The development of thinking, problem solving, and memory. Changes that occur in our thought processes throughout life. Cognitive neuroscience approaches – approaches that examine cognitive development through the lens of brain processes . Cognitive perspective –the approach that focuses on the process that allow people to know, understand, and think about the world.
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