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30 steps of Human Development

30 steps of Human Development - 18 social smiling and...

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1. genetic transmission of physical characteristics 2. sex determination 3. basic personality and behavioral traits 4. development of nervous system and major organs 5. brain development 6. rapid growth in size and weight 7. labor and dilation of cervix 8. delivery of baby 9. adaptation to extrauterine environment 10. reflex responses 11. brain development 12. expression of basic emotions 13. rapid growth in size 14. sensorimotor cognitive development: circular reactions and goal-directed behavior 15. development of attachment 16. understanding of basic principles of objects and motions 17. crawling, sitting, and standing
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Unformatted text preview: 18. social smiling and laughter 19. use of gestures to communicate 20. first words; holophrases 21. critical brain development 22. cruising, walking, and climbing 23. rapid language acquisition and growth of vocabulary 24. self-recognition and self-reference 25. gender-typed toy play 26. development of self-conscious emotions 27. ability to search for hidden objects 28. categorization of self and others on the basis of age and sex 29. problem solving through active experimentation 30. ability to play turn-taking games...
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