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Human Development 101 Study Guide 1 Chapter 1 Topics human development, individual differences, developmental processes, theory, one course vs many courses, continuous vs discontinuous, nature vs nurture, evaluating theories, tabula rasa, laise-faire parenting, evolution, natural selection, adaptive, survival of fittest research methods, case study, observation, survey/questionnaire, likert scale, experiment, independent & dependent & person variables, ecological validity, operationalization, correlation, research design, cross-section, longitudinal, cohort effect, cross-sequential, data, statistics, central tendency, variability, consent, assent
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Unformatted text preview: id, ego, superego, unconscious, psychosexual theory, fixation, classical conditioning, unconditioned and conditioned stimulus, unconditioned and condition, operant conditioning, law of effect, positive/negative reinforcement, positive and negative punishment, imitation, modeling Chapter 2 Topics chromosomes, DNA, genes, mitosis, meiosis, crossing over, sperm, ovum, monozygotic and dizygotic twins, alleles, dominant/recessive traits, genotype, phenotype, polygenic, biology, environment, reaction range, behavior genetics, passive/evocative/active effects, niche-picking, concordance rate...
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