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483 student Time Frenzy

483 student Time Frenzy - FMG Video#33438 Time Frenzy...

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FMG Video #33438: Time Frenzy Silicon Valley is referred to as “the __production__ capital of the world.” Time deprivation One commentator notes, re: the fast pace of life in the U.S., “We’ve been saving time so rapidly, we __.” How do we structure time, in our obsession with saving it? School districts use biometrics to determine if an employee has a criminal record. Biometric fingerprint databases are also popular in corporate America. The face, iris of the eye, and texture of the skin are also identifiers. Comparison of U.S. and European citizens w/respect to the pace of life – Europeans put work in perspective. Take time for meals and people. To have lasting relationships. We are all so busy working, we don’t have time to stop and take stock of – what? Family and relationships How are obsession with speed has trickled down into the education system – This fast-paced tempo has even infiltrated institutions of education, which used to be places for contemplation and asking questions. Fast-paced technology has impacted the
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