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Page 1 of 1 FMG Video #8883 – Life at Speed Which is the most flexible species on the planet? – humans Urban species Residents of large urban centers around the world (e.g. London, New York, Paris, etc.) have more in common with _each other__ than with their neighbors____. The sounds, smells, etc. of The City – both pleasant and unpleasant – trigger physiological reactions in us. They speed up our _heart rate breathing and brain activity_. This speeding-up response to our urban environment is called arousal__. How we usually respond to sensory overload – adapt to the environment. Brain goes into partial shut down. Only think about the task at hand. Doesn’t process the information beyond a certain level How you manage sensory overload when shutting out the world is NOT an option (e.g., if you work on the trading floor of the NY Stock Exchange): brain goes into
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Unformatted text preview: overdrive processing everything more quickly. To work this fast he makes decisions on less processing and background. Daves brain genuine parallel processor. • Walking speed in The City – the bigger the city, the __the faster people walk__. The average pedestrian speed in NY City is _4_ mph. The average pedestrian in a small town walks _2_ mph. • Lack of predictability and control: how does this cause stress? When you are no longer in control you try to take an alternative route. You don’t want to be stopped. • Reflex responses to lack of control – learn shortcuts, stress ] For people adapted to a high level of stimulation, moments of sensory deprivation become stressful. People who suffer the most from stress are not those in fast-paced jobs, but those in dull repetitive jobs. • Who suffers the most job stress? – repetitive boring ones....
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