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FMG Video #35309 – Witness to Hate: Reporting on Al-Qaeda Frank Gardner’s occupation – an Arab speaking journalist Area of specialization within his profession – reporting on the Saudi al Qaeda network Elements of Gardner’s background that prepared him for his specialization – learned basic Arabic, spent a year in kairo lived with Egyptian family, joined british broadcasting as journalist. How Gardner felt about working in Arab countries; in particular, Saudi Arabia – conmfident, at home. A fascinating place, with beautiful mountains. Description of the incident in which Gardner was attacked – he and his camera man were on their way to leave when a car came up by their van, two men got out pulled out their guns and began to shoot. Simon and Gardener ran. Gardner shot in shoulder and leg, an ambushed him During the attack on him, what event took place that – in Gardner’s view – may well have caused his attackers to spare his life? Told them he was a muslim,
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