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Page 1 of 1 FMG Video #35063: Multilingual Hong Kong: A Sociolinguistic Study of Code-Switching What is “code-switching”? – mixing English and cantonese The 2 languages the Hong Kong Chinese mix together – cantanese and english What causes variation in the proportions of each language that go into the ‘mix’? People that know english, people that aren’t very good at English or people who use English a lot. As the Hong Kong Chinese see it, what role does their city play in the global arena? – Large communication between mainland an rest of the world. What is the Chinese government’s official position on code-switching? – CEOs use it too. Looked at negatively teachers aren’t supposed to code mix. Its bad for their language skills. Why do young people/students resist pressures to stop code-switching? – A speech habit.
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Unformatted text preview: • Examples of English words & phrases that are injected into HK citizens’ Cantonese because there is no Cantonese equivalent: Present let’s go. Education level embarrassed. Communication • If you are a Hong Kong Chinese citizen, how does the ability to inject English into your speaking (into your Cantonese) affect your social status, in the eyes of other Chinese people? Your not as chinese • When the British handed Hong Kong over to China – i.e., when Hong Kong ceased to be a British territory – what impact did that have on the ability of the average Hong Kong citizen to use English? More and more people began to code switch • What is the position of the Chinese mass media on code-switching? Answer: They do it, too! (They probably are the places where Chinese learn a lot of their English “vocab”!...
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