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352 student Outline 1 (1)

352 student Outline 1 (1) - SOC 352 Chapter 1 Outline...

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SOC 352 – Chapter 1 Outline Social change – the significant alteration of social structure and cultural patterns through time. Social Structure – (at it root) a persistent network of social relationships where interaction between persons or groups has become routine and repetitive. Can be understood as persistent social role, groups, organizations, institutions and societies. Culture – the “social software” that people share that provides meaning to social life. Culture is the shared way of living and thinking that includes symbols and language, knowledge, beliefs, and values, norms, and techniques ranging from common folk recipes to sophisticated technologies and material objects. Grasping the ‘big picture’ of social change – requires that we understand important structural changes and how they are connected to changes in culture. Example pg 5 5 ways structures can be altered – Changes in personnel :
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