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Page 1 of 3 SOC 483 – Outline 8 (for Chapter 9) Post-Modern Theorists Michel Foucault and Zygmunt Bauman Foucault’s Post-Modernist orientation: 1. Seeks to describe and analyze social realities at various points in time. Finding the origin akin to finding the answer, but postmdernists reject the idea of finding an answer. Theyre more interested in raising questions than finding answers. 2. While modernists emphasize coherence, Foucault focuses on incoherent interested in internal contradictions that exist at any given point. 3. Emphasizes continuity in developments over time while Foucault emphasizes the discontinuities, ruptures, the sudden reversals that characterize social history. Historical developments do not occur uniformly consistently undirectionally and without ebbs and flows. Movements backwards, sidewards and sometimes forward. Governmentalities – the practices and techniques by which control is exercised over people Foucault’s book, Discipline and Punish – main concern in this work is the period between 1757 and 1830s, specifically within the prison system, where he sees a historical process by which the torture of prisoners is replaced by control by prison rules. He views this change as developing in fits and starts not unidirectionally. Viewed by modernist as a progressive development. The new ability to punish had fewer negative side-effects. 220 Advantages of controlling a population via rules rather than torture 1. The ability to impose rules can occur much earlier in the deviance process than torture. People can be taught rules before they even think of engaging in a deviant act, or they can have those rules reinforced at the first sign of
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Student outline 8 - Page 1 of 3 SOC 483 Outline 8 (for...

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