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Student Outline 9

Student Outline 9 - more time consuming things in these...

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Page 1 of 1 Outline 9 – Jean Baudrillard & Paul Virilio (second half of Chapter 9) Jean Baudrillard – most associated with postmodern social theory even though he dislikes being labeled in such a way. Radical in ideas and style of writing. Rejected the idea of a ggrand theory. Code – a system that allows us to understand signs and more importantly how they relate to one another. Needs – those things that people require in order to survive and to function at a minimal level in the contemporary world. Often used to explain why we consume what we do Difference – an alternate explanation of consumption favored by postmodernists. We consume, not because of needs, but in order to be different from other people such differences are defined by what and how we consume. Hyperconsumption – an extraordinary level of consumption with the contemporary world. Importance of objects vs. other human beings – relationships with objects have tended to replace human relationships. We are increasingly oriented to spending
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Unformatted text preview: more time consuming things in these settingsthan we are in relationships with other people.atms p 233 • Simulations – fakes; to baudrillard the contemporary world is coming to be increasingly dominated by the inauthentic. • “Hyperreal” – entirely stimulated and as a result, more real than real more beautiful than beautiful, truer than true, and so on. • Paul Virilio – created an intriguing body of work known as dromology. He is concerned with the breakdown of boundaries brought by a series of technological changes over time in modes of transportation, communication, telecommunication, computerization, and so forth. • Dromology – a focal concern with the crucial importance of speed. • Importance of Speed, per Virilio – increases in speed are serving to erode spatial distinctions and to make it increasingly difficult to distinguish time from space. 245...
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