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Page 1 of 1 FMG Video #34991 Global Resources: Management and Competition What resources must a nation have, in order to produce goods, both for domestic consumption and for export? – The drive to control natural resources: Governments of developed countries and multi-national corporations use their power to – do what? The negative effects of colonialism; how colonizing nations ‘rape’ the land of the countries they colonize - U.S. support of unsavory (corrupt, etc.) regimes…why does the U.S. do this? – What lengths will large corporations go to, to get hold of the resources of a developing country? – Hazards developing countries face, if they specialize in the production of one (and only one) product, i.e. or marketing only one resource –
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Unformatted text preview: • Why we need to shift over to renewable resources to meet our energy needs – • What is the “tragedy of the commons”? – • The narrator states that solar power lies within the domain of “public goods.” What does this mean? • Which renewable resources ARE subject to “the tragedy of the commons”? • Re: resources subject to “the tragedy of the commons”…What do these types of resources need, in order to renew themselves? – • Dating from the 1700’s, what has been the main cause of natural resource consumption and environmental degradation? – • What does Kuznets’ curve show re: the relationship between the level of development of a country and its willingness to engage in sustainable practices?...
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