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352 student Outline 4 - SOC 352 Outline for Chapter 4...

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SOC 352 – Outline for Chapter 4 Patterns of Social Change in the U.S. Changes in the structure of social life – Change can be significant social events, such as WWII, the assaination of President Kennedy, etc. p.65 Each has affected change in contemporary America. Changecan be macroscopic, reflecting broad-scale trends and cultural themes. These enable you to see patterns and make more general sense out of particular historical events by revealing “underlying” patterns and directions. Change can occur in the spheres of social life that are closely connected to the lives of individuals, such as age groups, families, work settings, education, religion, and so on. Focuses on on change in the population and social institutions. Changes in cultural themes – Structural Trends: Growth in scale of social life –People’s lives are increasingly connected with larger numbers of people in big structures, such as communities and organizations that operate in a vast scale over large geographic areas. Can also be seen in the process of urbanization. Increasing scale means the existence and sometimes the absorption of small social systems within enormous larger ones. Centralization of control (power and authority) – growth in size means the growing concentration of power to make important decisions in the hands of fewer people. You have the freedom to make choices, but increasingly those choices are limited by the huge organizations that dominate our economic, political, and social life. Increasing differentiation (“demassification”) and specialization of social life – a growing participation in a common way of life in mass markets, mass media, and a mass electorate but a 3
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352 student Outline 4 - SOC 352 Outline for Chapter 4...

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