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352 student The Visitor

352 student The Visitor - DVD"The Visitor Main characters...

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DVD “The Visitor” Main characters in this film: Provide the country of origin, U.S. citizenship status, religion and profession for each character: Walter – Tarek – Zainab – Mouna – In what way(s) is/are each of these characters a “Visitor”? Walter – Tarek – Zainab – Mouna – In your opinion: Why is Zainab reluctant to extend friendship to Walter, despite Tarek’s acceptance of Walter and formation of a friendship with him? How would our government/immigration authorities have reacted to Tarek’s actions in the subway; had Tarek been a white guy from France or Italy, who had remained in the U.S. past the expiration of his Visa? In other words…(see next bullet) To what extent do Tarek’s (or anyone’s) appearance (skin color, hair, manner of
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