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352 student Unglued

352 student Unglued - Page 1 of 2 FMG On-Demand Video#33067...

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Page 1 of 2 FMG On-Demand Video #33067 Women and Men Unglued: Love and Relationships in the 21 st Century Creating an intimate relationship involves ______, whereas romance involves _______. For young adults today, _____ and ____ are often the priorities. Per this video, many young women don’t want to have kids; don’t want to settle down with one partner because that would restrict their freedom to ______. One girl interviewed for this video, “Jude,” things maybe we’ve evolved such that we continually need new people in our lives, to serve as new “stimuli” for us, in order for us to __________. A couple of guys, who were interviewed separately for this video, believed that women choose to date “_____.” Right now there are a variety of options for the type of relationships you can have – involving varying degrees of involvement, etc. There are no clear “_____s” right to tell young people what is ‘the’ typical or socially acceptable type of relationship to have; nor is there a “____” for achieving any such ideal relationship.
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