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YouTube Video: A History of Hispanic Achievement in America: Cesar Chavez Mexican-American War of 1848 – consequences for Hispanics: Mexico ceded its northern provinces to the U.S. Hispanics decided to stay. They witnessed racism, hate, discrimination, segregation, unsympathetic legal system. Unfair housing, equal education, political rights, Mexican Repatriation Campaign of the 1930’s: many forced from their homes and deported to mexico Changes brought about by WWII: nearly400,00 hispanics served. Fought for democracy abroad and now demanded it at home. Post war prosoperity they left their small towns and barriors to come part of rising middle class.GI Bill of education/housing. Take part of American dream, Sense of pride emerges Hispanic civil rights – restoration of land grants, rights farm workers, voter, equality in education. The Plight of Farmworkers: Prior they had accepted the low wage jobs. Growing culture of migrant farm workers. Labors moving from place to place. Harvesting and tending
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