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Outline for “Assault on Gay America” Assault on Gay America: Homophobia - the hatred or fear of gay people Michael Kimmel’s definition of homophobia - Fear that people might get the wrong idea about you. Biggest surprise to come out of the trial of Billy Jack Gaither’s killers – Mullens did not want his secret homosexuality to get out. Cultural roots of homophobia, per Kimmel – what sex act is done to whom? Gay activist Derek Henckel’s persecution in high school by his fellow students – like being in a war where you’re the only one fighting.
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Unformatted text preview: • Psychologist’s research on discrimination against gays – done to define masculinity. 1/3 would physically assault a homosexual. • Professor Henry Adams’ research – People like Mullens demonstrate worst type of homophobia. Homophobic guys who hate gays respond to gay activity. • Cross-cultural comparisons of homosexuality – perceived very differently in different countries. Homosexuality is socially defined. Penetrator is masculine....
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