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Page 1 of 2 Outline for “Food and Agriculture in the 21 st Century” What is Agribusiness? What people think it is – the businesses involved in production food, fiber, fishing industry What it really is, these days – involve all and industries required to produce/sell the food. Consists of food processing and manufacturing, household appliances, cooking utencils, upholstery and carpeting Pharmaceuticals, upholstery Yes if only willing to go full force forward. .Genetic Engineering Average American’s food budget – what is it spent on? Half spent away from home Population growth we can expect: 2050 – 9 billion peoplelive longer – we will contribute. how developing countries will contribuute - Why producing enough food to keep pace with population growth is NOT a problem: Neutracuticals – food fortified with extra nutrients.
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Unformatted text preview: Pharm foods- used for vaccines/medicines Food production industry Natural remedy health products industry. Pharmaceutical industry Impact of the biotechnology revolution on Society: with GE foods get more food on less land. We can also produce fish in laboratories. In Lab can grow part of vegetables grow usable parts. **From genetically corn wheat and stocks of trees, we can produce biodegradable plastics and fuel for engines *can now GE animals to create compatible organs to transplant to humans. Decision the private sector will have to make: Biggest road block is current lack of public acceptance. Question: What stands in the way of making all these wondrous developments available to the average citizen? Lack of knowledge. Lack of public acceptance Page 2 of 2 Last word is from former President Jimmy Carter:...
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student.Food.Ag.21st.Century - Pharm foods used for...

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