Student.Surveying the Global Mktplace

Student.Surveying the Global Mktplace - Mexico, Canada,...

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Page 1 of 1 Outline for: Surveying the Global Marketplace Globalization – the increased movement of goods, services, people, information and ideas across national borders and around the world. Think globalization has nothing to do with you? – impacts our lives in many ways as: taxpayer, losing jobs to other countries, technical problems, consumer, promting cultural diversity. Priceof food. Learn new things from diff cultures. “Foreign trade:” What does it involve? Almost ½ of so-called ‘foreign trade’ consists of… two pieces of same company trading with each other. What are the three economically-dominant regions?
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Unformatted text preview: Mexico, Canada, European Union How international is international trade? 2 separate companies in different countries still within same economic region. Strategic alliances between competitors Lag time between globalization of private enterprise and domestic policies that regulate it Formation of the European Union its global impact good for member nations, war unthinkable, French can get a job in germany Positive and negative consequences of global economic development: Positive Negative Longstanding criticism of globalization Authors response to this criticism...
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