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Student.Surveying the Global Mktplace

Student.Surveying the Global Mktplace - Mexico Canada...

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Page 1 of 1 Outline for: Surveying the Global Marketplace Globalization – the increased movement of goods, services, people, information and ideas across national borders and around the world. Think globalization has nothing to do with you? – impacts our lives in many ways as: taxpayer, losing jobs to other countries, technical problems, consumer, promting cultural diversity. Priceof food. Learn new things from diff cultures. “Foreign trade:” What does it involve? Almost ½ of so-called ‘foreign trade’ consists of… two pieces of same company trading with each other. What are the three economically-dominant regions?
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Unformatted text preview: Mexico, Canada, European Union • How ‘international’ is “international” trade? 2 separate companies in different countries – still within same economic region. • Strategic alliances between competitors – • Lag time between globalization of private enterprise and domestic policies that regulate it – • Formation of the European Union – its global impact good for member nations, war unthinkable, French can get a job in germany Positive and negative consequences of global economic development: Positive Negative Longstanding criticism of globalization – Author’s response to this criticism –...
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