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Student.Working & Poor in USA

Student.Working & Poor in USA - – Fear of...

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Page 1 of 1 Outline for: Working and Poor in the USA Characteristics of a Low-Wage Economy – Layoffs, outsourcing, unaffordable healthcare and vanishing pension benefits. Who are the Outlanders? The “invisible millions” in poverty that were caught in dying towns and industries, shunted off into unemployment, and left to fester in idleness and despair. Who are the Working Poor? Low-wage workers are security guards, childcare givers, nursing-home workers, retail clerks, hospital orderlies, teachers’ assistants, hotel workers, and pharmacy technicians. Characteristics of Low-Wage Jobs 1. No job benefits 2. No paid vacations or holidays 3. No sick or disability pay 4. Little flexibility with children and school emergencies 5. Physically dangerous and emotionally degrading 6. Lack of respect and trust Why don’t these workers get mad; band together & mobilize for change?
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Unformatted text preview: – Fear of punishment or of being fired. What’s up with our government? – How did this situation get so bad? – Per author, a “variety of political, economic and corporate decisions” including: • Push to increase global trade and open global markets • Government efforts to deregulate industries that had been highly ionized • Tight monetary policies • A corporate ideological shift away from the postwar social contract with employees and toward the principle of maximizing shareholder value Author’s proposed solution – Raise minimum wage, access to affordable healthcare to all workers and their families, time off for personal issues w/out fear of losing job, quality childcare and early education made available to their children, workers must have the right to organize w/out fears....
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