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Outline for “Civilize Them with a Stick” Civilize Them with a Stick: “Kidnapping” – Removal of children from communities and replacing them in boarding schools. Message the kidnapping practice conveyed to the public, to the kids themselves – Stereotype of Native American children held by the “White Do-gooders”– Indian lovers. Don’t kill them, just teach them to be useful hands. “Culture shock” experiences of Native American children in boarding schools –
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Unformatted text preview: mnay N.A. children werent used to using clocks, having chores to do, etc. Class. Did not grow naturally like in their Indian tribes. Common punishment (formal sanction) at boarding schools for rulebreaking Beating Racism breeds racism in reverse if someone is borught up in racist communites they often tend to have racism in their life. How Native Americans are viewed now in our society, compared to other groups in our stratified system...
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