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student Civilize them with a Stick

student Civilize them with a Stick - mnay N.A children...

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Outline for “Civilize Them with a Stick” Civilize Them with a Stick: “Kidnapping” – Removal of children from communities and replacing them in boarding schools. Message the kidnapping practice conveyed to the public, to the kids themselves – Stereotype of Native American children held by the “White Do-gooders”– Indian lovers. Don’t kill them, just teach them to be useful hands. “Culture shock” experiences of Native American children in boarding schools –
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Unformatted text preview: mnay N.A. children weren’t used to using clocks, having chores to do, etc. Class. Did not grow naturally like in their Indian tribes. • Common punishment (formal sanction) at boarding schools for rulebreaking – Beating • “Racism breeds racism in reverse” – if someone is borught up in racist communites they often tend to have racism in their life. • How Native Americans are viewed now in our society, compared to other groups in our stratified system –...
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