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student Deadly Deception

student Deadly Deception - between Blacks and Whites –...

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Outline for “The Deadly Deception” The Deadly Deception: Social forces underlying Tuskegee men’s willingness to participate in the study – Poor county – could not afford health care. Great Depression The way that doctors and scientists were perceived (moral & ethical – best interest of client) Scientific curiosity Low education level “Bureaucratic inertia” scientist really believed they were helping the Black community. How citizens viewed the medical and scientific communities in the early 1900’s – “bad blood” Early 1900’s: medical community’s beliefs about genetic differences
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Unformatted text preview: between Blacks and Whites – Fundamental and genetic differences between the races. Thought that Blacks were Inherently tB and had smaller brains (unable to control Lust) Syph not as bad in Blacks. • Syphilophobia – the thought that syphilis was everywhere • White doctors’ characterization of spinal taps – a very special free treatment • In retrospect, one of the most striking aspects of the Tuskegee study – The length to which public health service went to make sure the men of Tuskegee did not receive treatment....
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