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Page 1 of 2 Outline for “Stratification and Social Inequality” Stratification – the categorization and rank-ordering of people according to the amount of some valued attribute, social characteristic, or material resource each has, relative to others in the society. What humans are inclined to evaluate – one’s individual attributes, or the social statuses one may have, as being superior or inferior to those of others. The ‘higher ups’ demand goods and services of those who are lower down; the ‘lower downs’ give it because the higher ups provide life’s essentials Social inequality – inequality of access to valued goods abd services, and/or inequality of opportunity to attain certain desirable social statuses How the norms and values of our culture support the unequal distribution of opportunities and rewards – The average citizen who was raised in our culture, who assimilates its norms and values, views the income differential between doctors and laborers not just as appropriate, but as
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Student Strat & Social Inequality - Page 1 of 2...

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