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Page 1 of 1 Outline for “What’s at Stake” 1978 Supreme Court decision: Universitires’ admissions policies could take applicants’ race into account. Race being a “plus factor” Amount of weight assigned by schools to race, as admission factor: May sometimes be the deciding factor between qualified applicants, but is never the only reason for admission. Critics of Affirmative Action – their perspective: Reverse discrimination PROS – Race has been a defining element of the American experience. CONS – Attention should be paid to the underpriviledged applying to colleges. Solution to the ‘problem’ of using race as admissions factor – author’s proposal:
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Unformatted text preview: Target students from low-income homes, regardless of race. Proponents of Affirmative Action their response to criticisms: Competition for admission to top schools: University of Michigans admissions policy: 150 possible points, 80 possible for grades 12 for standardized tests, addition or subtraction for rigor of the high school and difficulty of cirriculum, up to 40 points for factors like residencyin Michigan etc, Underrepresented minority, Athletes, personal essay, and extracurricular activities. Use this scale as a guid. rolling admissions...
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