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Unformatted text preview: ********** YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION IS REQUIRED ********** Transcript Authorization for your order# 9FS760810 from Chattahoochee Technical College on 06-17-2009 at 12:28:02 ============================================================================================ THIS FORM MUST BE SIGNED AND FAXED OR MAILED AS SHOWN BELOW. ============================================================================================ Mail to: OR Chattahoochee Technical College Registrar`s Office 980 South Cobb Drive Mariette, GA 30060-3398 Fax To: 770-528-4578 Do NOT send cover page when faxing. Please dial area code when faxing. ============================================================================================ Student Information: Student Name: Other Name..: Birth Date..: Social Sec#.: Student ID..: SEAN JOSEPH BYERS BYERS 03-18-1981 ssn-dd-7171 Transcript Office Use Only: 1st CLASS MAIL Delivery Information: 1 Transcript(s) to THE BAPTIST COLLEGE OF FLORIDA 5400 COLLEGE DR. GRACEVILLE FL 32440 ============================================================================================ I, SEAN JOSEPH BYERS, hereby authorize Chattahoochee Technical College to release copy(s) of my academic transcript as directed above (9FS760810). __________________________________ Signed: SEAN BYERS PLEASE SIGN THIS FORM ONLY. ANY OTHER CHANGES MADE TO THIS FORM WILL BE DISREGARDED. WE WILL NOTIFY YOU BY EMAIL, FAX OR TEXT MESSAGE ONCE THIS FORM HAS BEEN RECEIVED. ...
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