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- 827 CHAPTER 64E-9 PUBLIC SWIMMING POOLS AND BATHING PLACES 64E-9.001 General. 64E-9.002 Definitions. 64E-9.003 Forms. 64E-9.004 Operational Requirements. 64E-9.005 Construction Plan or Modification Plan Approval. 64E-9.006 Construction Plan Approval Standards. 64E-9.007 Recirculation and Treatment System Requirements. 64E-9.008 Supervision and Safety. 64E-9.009 Wading Pools. 64E-9.010 Spa Pools. 64E-9.011 Water Recreation Attractions and Specialized Pools. 64E-9.012 Special Purpose Pools. (Repealed) 64E-9.013 Bathing Places. 64E-9.014 Authorization and Operating Permit. (Repealed) 64E-9.015 Fee Schedule. 64E-9.016 Exemptions and Variances. 64E-9.017 Enforcement. 64E-9.018 Public Pool Service Technician Certification. 64E-9.001 General. (1) Regulation of public swimming pools and bathing places is considered by the department as significant in the prevention of disease, sanitary nuisances, and accidents by which the health or safety of an individual(s) may be threatened or impaired. (a) Any modification resulting in the operation of the pool in a manner unsanitary or dangerous to public health or safety shall subject the state operating permit to suspension or revocation. (b) Failure to comply with any of the requirements of these rules shall constitute a public nuisance dangerous to health. (2) This chapter prescribes minimum design, construction, and operation requirements. (a) The department will accept dimensional standards for competition type pools as published by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, 2003; Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur (FINA), 2002-2005 Handbook; 1998-1999 Official Rules of Diving & Code of Regulation of United States Diving Inc.; 2003 United States Swimming Rules and Regulation, and National Federation of State High School Associations, 2002-2003, which are incorporated by reference in these rules. (b) Where adequate standards do not exist and these rules do not provide sufficient guidance for consideration of innovations in design, construction, and operation of proposed swimming pools or water recreation attractions, the department will establish requirements necessary to protect the health and safety of the pool patrons. (3) All pools which do not meet the definition of private pools are public pools. (4) The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 may relate to public pools and should be reviewed by the design engineer and the pool owner. Specific Authority 381.006, 381.0011, 514.021 FS. Law Implemented 381.006, 381.0011, 381.0025, 386.01, 386.02, 386.03, 386.041, 386.051, 514.011, 514.021, 514.03, 514.031, 514.05, 514.06 FS. History–New 10-5-93, Formerly 10D-5.130, Amended 12-27-98, 5-27-04. 64E-9.002 Definitions. (1) “Advanced Level Swimmer” – A person able to swim unassisted for five minutes or more. (2) “Bathing Load” – The maximum number of persons allowed in the pool or bathing place at one time. (3) “Closed Pool” – A pool which is not to be used by bathers and is posted with a pool closed sign visible from the pool deck or is inaccessible.
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