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Unformatted text preview: Instruction Sheet US Patent # 5,551,661 R This mount holds Set # 3-1108 (Gold plated) Set# 3-1132 (Chrome Plated) GM Multi-application transmission mount. One and two bolt style. Upper preload plate must be used. (It is not a spacer.) 1131 VIA CALLEJON, SAN CLEMENTE, CA 92673 C 2002 Energy Suspension. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced, in any form, or by any means, Updated 13/DEC/01 BRH without the written consent of Energy Suspension. Install mount with radius toward rear of vehicle 1036 - Gold 1159 - Chrome The urethane transmission mount was designed for use as a two bolt or single center bolt mounting application. On the single bolt style, one of the supplied bolts will not be used. Do not use this extra bolt assembly anywhere else as most of the other positions are metric. If your vehicle has two (2) flanged bolt heads that hold the mount to the transmission case, DO NOT use supplied flat washers. Side view (cutaway) showing safety interlock Crossmember center section diagram Single stud style 2 bolt style Before installing the new mount, be sure to check the transmission crossmember for cracks or damage at the slotted hole areas. Repair or replace the crossmember if any damage is evident. On high performance(race condition) applications, reinforcing the area around the mounting point of the crossmember is recommended. This type of crossmember has an inherent problem with stress cracks around the bolt holes. Always check the front engine mounts and replace if necessary. Tighten all fasteners to factory specifications. 17112 3/04/97 KN Updated 29/NOV/01 JTL Updated 5/FEB/02 BRH Updated 27/FEB/04 ...
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