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DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY 1000 NAVY PENTAGON WASHINGTON. D.C. 20350-1000 SECNAVINST 5420J93 BCNR 19 November 1997 SECNAV INSTRUCTION 5420.193 From: secretary or the Navy To: All Ships and Stations subj: BOARD FOR CORRECTION OF NAVAL RECORDS Ref: (a) 10 U.S.C. § 1552 (b) U.S. Navy Regulations, 1990, Article 0324 (c) 10 § 5016 (d) SECNAVINST 5211.5D, DON Privacy Act Program (e) § 1034 (f) DOD Directive 7050.6, Military Whistleblower Protection of 12 Aug 95 (NOTAL) (g) SECNAVINST 5370.7A, of 27 Sep 94 Encl: (1) Procedures the Board for Correction Naval Records (2) DD 149, Application Record Under Provisions title 10, u.s.c. section 1552 (3) Applicant's Guide 1. Purpose. To establish procedures making application con£idaration applications correction military records current former members Marine Corps by Secretary acting through Records (BCNR) under reference (a). 2. Cancellation. NAVSO P-473. of 28 November 1977. other regulations and memoranda providing guidance on policies of BCNR, delegations authority inconsistent with this instruction, are cancelled •. 3. Action a. BCNR shall consider either take corrective action on Secretary's behalf, wh~n authori2Qd, or make appropriate recommendations to regarding following in enclosure (1). b. The Assistant the Navy (Manpower Reserve Affairs), references (b) (c), has been assigned responsibility overall supervision of BCNR is 111101111110 I~IIU 111111 m I~IIIIIII m lUI * 0 5 7 , L » 0 1 1 1 't .. ~~_. *
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SECNAVINST 5420.193 t 9 NOV 1997 delegated authority to take final action on BCNR cases forwarded for review. c. The Executive Director, BCNR shall administer and oversee thQ 0pQration of BCNR_ Th~ F.~~cutive Director be subject the supervision administrative control of Assistant Secretary the Navy (Manpower Reserve Affairs). d. Department the Navy facilities all commands, bureaus, offices, boards be made available to BCNR assist it, upon request, in performance its duties consistent with applicable statutes regulations. Requests records and/or advisory opinions should under normal circumstances acted upon within 60 days receipt of BCNR's rl?qupc::t_ 4. Execution of BCNR Decisions. The Chief Naval Operations the Commandant Marine Corps ensure that is taken to make military record corrections directed by or BCNR. The applicant will advised taken. 5. Administrative Correction Personnel Records. To enhance efficiency minimize requirements for BCNR actions where possible, obvious clerical or errors are corrected locally reference (d) extent permitted by law regulation. 6. Changes Procedures. BCNR may recommend changes enclosure (1). must approved by Navy Defense. Enclo3ure (1) all approved thereto published Federal Register. 7. Application. Applications to BCNR correction naval submitted on DD 149, Application Military Record, exact facsimile. Enclosure (2) is a copy of DD 149. Enclosure (3) provides information prospective applicants regarding procedures governing submission processing applications. In applications alleging violations ~eference (e) there strict compliance provisions references (f) (g).
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