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au_tnr - y Single disc navigation reduces clutter and...

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Delphi Touchscreen Navigation Radios Tel: (1) 248.813.2000 | www.delphi.com | © 2007 Delphi Corporation. All rights reserved. | DESEN0700819 1 ENTERTAINMENT & COMMUNICATIONS Delphi's Touchscreen Navigation Radios are full-featured audio and navigation systems in a single unit. Combining DVD-based map navigation with AM/FM/CD radio, Delphi Touchscreen Navigation radios provide vehicle occupants access to more information on the road. The systems use an onboard computer that interacts with the Global Positioning System, vehicle sensors and a DVD map database to help guide travelers to their destination. Used as a "personal travel assistant," these systems can help minimize travel time, make travel more convenient and increase peace of mind. ± Benefits y Provides multiple functions in one compact unit y Touchscreen operation is easy to use y Large display is easy to read y Voice prompts help drivers to keep their eyes on the road y Helps pinpoint locations along the way y Remaps directions should a turn be missed
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Unformatted text preview: y Single disc navigation reduces clutter and expense ± Features y Full-featured audio system o AM/FM radio o Satellite radio compatible o CD player y Large, color display for full-map navigation o Touchscreen control o DVD-ROM for single disc navigation o Destination selection o Voice prompts o Map views o Address book o Intersection view for detailed maneuver guidance y GPS receiver and on-board computer and vehicle sensors to determine the vehicle location y Radio data system o Station name display o Automatic Frequency switching o Program type seek-scan o Radio text messaging o Traffic information y Satellite radio compatible y Input for rear view camera Navigation systems are designed to assist drivers. Always consider whether directions given are complete and accurate before following them. Delphi Touchscreen Navigation Radio Delphi navigation systems are designed to complement interior vehicle styling and to be easy to use....
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