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AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE IDENTIFICATION CARD This identification card is evidence of liability insurance for your vehicle. The card is valid only as long as liability insurance remains in force. You may be required to produce your identification card at vehicle registration or inspection, when applying for a driver's license, following an accident or upon a law enforcement officer's request. KEEP A COPY OF THE ID CARD IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES. For your convenience, additional copies are available on-line at usaa.com. FFL 1 50786-1107 FLORIDA AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE IDENTIFICATION CARD POLICY IDENTIFICATION NO. CO. CODE EFF. DATE
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Unformatted text preview: EFF. DATE BODILY INJURY PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION BENEFITS LIABILITY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY Name VEHICLE DESCRIPTION YEAR MAKE/MODEL VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER NOT VALID MORE THAN ONE YEAR FROM EFFECTIVE DATE Misrepresentation of Insurance is a first degree misdemeanor. Policy coverages extend to a rental car. See outline of coverage. 9800 Fredericksburg Road San Antonio, Texas 78288 Additional copies available at usaa.com SEAN J BYERS 2 X CHEV 7102 1999 CLAIMS (800) 531-8222 X POLICY SERVICE (800) 531-8111 USAA GENERAL INDEMNITY COMPANY 2GCEK19T5X1275171-09495 05/05/09 02006 95 25G...
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