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B IBLE STUDY ACTION PLAN M IKE B ICKLE IHOP-KC Missions Base I. GOALS RELATED TO KNOWING THE BIBLE A. To study books of the Bible – with commentaries (see instructions below) B. To pray-read books of the Bible – 10 chapters a day (covers the NT each month: 235 chapters of NT = 10 chapters a day x 6 days/week = 240 chapters a month). Journal as you pray-read through each book. File your journals in the same place. II. THE ACTION PLAN FOR BIBLE STUDY A. Pick your top 10 “most wanted to study” books. Study one book at a time. B. Select the specific times in the week that you will dedicate for study. C. How to study a book of the Bible – 5 simple steps 1. Highlight – select two commentaries, read each one, highlighting the key sentences. Do this for one biblical paragraph at a time. Go slow. 2. Title – in your own words each paragraph in the Bible book that you study. 3. Study Notes
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Unformatted text preview: write insights from the commentary for the key verses from each paragraph (sometimes write word for word, other times paraphrase). 4. Journal write your personal meditations and observations. 5. Prayer write a brief prayer from the passage when applicable. NOTE if you first write your notes on paper, then seek to type it into your computer. Store a hard copy of your final notes in your Bible Study Notebook. III. MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES A. Computer, Bible Study Notebook, two commentaries for each Bible book you study. Bible Study Briefcase pen, paper, highlighters, notebook, commentaries. B. Internet resources, i.e., download commentaries (click on study aids), (old commentaries), , , (click on bible study aids)....
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