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DIVISION OF CORPORATIONS Attached are the form and instructions to dissolve a Florida Limited Liability Company. A limited liability company can voluntarily dissolve by filing articles of dissolution with the Division of Corporations that meet the requirements of 608.445, Florida Statutes, which are printed on the reverse side of this letter. Pursuant to s. 608.4081 (1) (d), Florida Statutes, the document must be typed or printed and must be legible. Pursuant to s. 608.409, Florida Statutes, an effective date may be specified but it must be specific, cannot be prior to the date of filing, and cannot be more than 90 days in the future. The fees are as follows: $ 2 5 . 0 0 F i l i n g Fee $30.00 Certified copy (optional) $ 5.00 Certificate of Status (optional) Submit one check made payable to the Florida Department of State. Please include a cover letter containing your telephone number and return address. A letter of acknowledgment will be issued after the dissolution has been filed. Any further inquiries on this matter should be directed to the Registration Section by calling (850) 245-6051, or by writing Division of Corporations, P. O. Box 6327, Tallahassee, FL, 32314. NOTE: THIS FORM FOR FILING ARTICLES OF AMENDMENT IS BASIC. EACH LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY IS A SEPARATE ENTITY AND AS SUCH HAS SPECIFIC GOALS, NEEDS, AND REQUIREMENTS. ADDITIONAL SHEETS MAY BE ATTACHED AS REQUIRED. THE DIVISION OF CORPORATIONS RECOMMENDS THAT ALL DOCUMENTS BE REVIEWED BY YOUR LEGAL COUNSEL. THE DIVISION IS A FILING AGENCY AND AS SUCH DOES NOT RENDER ANY LEGAL, ACCOUNTING, OR TAX ADVICE. THE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE OF YOUR LEGAL COUNSEL TO ASCERTAIN EXACT COMPLIANCE WITH ALL STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. CR2E048 (8/05)
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