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USAA Online Agreement ELECTRONIC DELIVERY OF DOCUMENTS You are showing us that you have the ability to receive documents electronically. We describe the hardware and software you will need to receive documents electronically and how to request paper copies. You agree to electronically receive information presented as part of your Internet transactions, our decisions about those transactions, and the USAA Privacy Promise. This Agreement does not change how we deliver other Documents. Hardware requirements: To access and retain electronic Documents you need a computer or mobile device with access to the Internet, the ability to download or print Documents, and a current version of a PDF reader. If you agree to receive a Document electronically by a recorded message through a telephone system, you will need a touchtone telephone. If you agree to receive an electronic Document delivered to a personal digital assistant device or mobile device, you will need the device and a service plan that enables you to view messages. Your ability to receive electronic Documents: By signing this Agreement you are demonstrating that you have the ability to view and save Documents through electronic means. Documents you agree to receive electronically: You agree to receive electronic delivery of: (1) the Privacy Promise, (2) information presented to you as part of an online transaction such as disclosures, forms, notices, account agreements and other information, (3) Documents reflecting our decisions regarding your online transactions, including adverse action notices and (4) Document selections made by you as shown in your Document preferences. Choosing to receive other electronic documents: In the future, you may agree by telephone, through the Internet, or in writing to receive Documents through electronic means. This will update your Document preferences. Updating your contact information: You may update your contact information for electronic delivery of Documents by accessing and updating your profile. Previous Agreements: If you previously signed the USAA Documents Online (UDO) agreement, the terms of this Online Agreement replace the terms of the UDO agreement. Delivery preferences made under the UDO agreement will remain valid and are subject to this Online Agreement, unless you revoke your preferences. Your responsibilities: If you choose to receive documents electronically, it is your responsibility to periodically logon to usaa.com and check the delivery of new Documents. Open and read your Documents. Promptly notify USAA if any Documents are not accessible or are incomplete or unreadable. YOU REPRESENT THAT YOU HAVE THE EQUIPMENT TO RECEIVE DOCUMENTS ONLINE. Changes to this Agreement:
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