IntroductiontoEphesians - Grace to You Unleashing God's...

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Grace to You :: Unleashing God's Truth One Verse at a Time Introduction to Ephesians This morning we come for our Bible study to a book that is indeed a treasure of mine and of every believer the book of Ephesians. Early in the history of Grace Church, the history of John MacArthur at Grace Church at least, it was obvious to me that God had something very special in mind for this church. I didn't come here with any idea of what that would be. In fact, I'm not a kind of a person who sets numbers or figures or anything like that but I just felt that God had something very special for this church. And when early in my time here, about the first year that I was here, I was challenged by the Holy Spirit in my own thinking to teach the book of Ephesians. All that I had ever dreamed a church could be came to crystallization in my mind as I studied Ephesians. It formed for me the whole pattern of the church; what it is, how it operates, everything just came together in the study of Ephesians. The result of that study was I wrote a book entitled THE CHURCH: THE BODY OF CHRIST. Those months that we spent studying Ephesians eight years ago, seven or eight years ago, were the months that formed the character of Grace Church in terms of its present dimensions of mystery. Grace Community Church is a church built on the principles of the book of Ephesians. In those days, I suppose maybe we had 4 or 5 hundred people who studied with us all the way through the book and now, at this point, we've got 5,000 people and so the elders felt there are a whole lot of folks who ought to know what Grace Church is built on. And so we're going to study the book of Ephesians together. I'm so excited about this because it's a book that I absolutely love. I've taught it many, many times in other situations and the riches of this book are unlimited. Really, more than any other book in the Bible I feel this book was the catalyst that launched Grace Church. And, people, if you're a part of Grace Church you are a part of something that is indeed unusual. A church that has gone from 500 to 5,000 people in nine years, a church where so many ministries have developed, it's just really an incredible thing. And it isn't due to one individual, it's due to the will of God but it's due also to an understanding of the principles of the book of Ephesians very vital book. When I think about how God has expanded this ministry it just boggles my mind. We were talking the other day that the receipts over the last two weeks that have been given to Grace Church by you, God's people, for the ministry here are more than the entire year's giving of 1969. It's incredible what God has done. And I really feel that the growth and the maturing of the saints is a result of what was formulated out of the book of Ephesians and so we're going to look at it again. Now just as an introduction look at the first two verses of the first chapter and we're going to talk a
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IntroductiontoEphesians - Grace to You Unleashing God's...

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