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Tree Planting on Campus Vicky Wu, TLW964 April 29, 2010 For the Environmental Action Project component of my portfolio I planted trees on campus along with Larry Maginnis, UT’s urban forester. The University has around 4,817 trees and that number is still growing. Trees are not only good for their aesthetic effect; they sequester carbon dioxide, provide shade on a hot day, and can be planted in memory of loved ones. I joined forces with the Campus Environmental Center and the Texas Hellraisers to plant trees on behalf of Max Rodriguez, a CEC officer who passed away this semester. We planted five trees on the south side of the stadium on Wednesday, April 21. The process was the same as the tree planting we did in class. I helped Larry set up the tarps of equipment. We then broke into groups and started digging. Unlike the class planting, my group had good soil that wasn’t all rock so the digging was a breeze.
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