bisc307--exam 3 %28sp. 06%29

bisc307--exam 3 %28sp. 06%29 - Third Exam BISC 307L General...

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Third Exam BISC 307L - General Physiology April 3, 2006 1. Answer all of the 14 questions. READ EACH CAREFULLY! 2. Note that questions have different point values. In all, 77 points are possible. 3. You have 55 minutes for this exam, about 7 minutes for a 10-point question. 4. Write your answer within the box or blank given for each question. Material written outside these spaces will not be graded. 5. Abbreviations used in lecture are acceptable. 6. Calculators are NOT allowed. 7. Show your work in solving quantitative problems. Partial credit will be given for correct procedure, even if answer is incorrect. 8. Make you answers as brief as possible. Points may be subtracted for irrelevant material. WRITE YOUR NAME ON EACH PAGE Your Name: _______________________________________________________ Please CIRCLE the Lab Section you are in : Tuesday 8 AM Tuesday 11:30 AM Tuesday 3 PM Wednesday 8 AM Wednesday 2 PM Thursday 8 AM Thursday 11:30 AM Thursday 3 PM Friday 8 AM Friday 2 PM
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NAME ____________________________________ 1. (10 points) A blood vessel runs from A to B. At B it splits into two smaller vessels, which rejoin at C. The resistance of the vessel from A to B is 12 , while the resistances of the two smaller vessels are 16 and 48 . The blood pressure at A is 6 mmHg and that at C is 30 mmHg. A. What is the blood flow through the 12 vessel? B. What is the blood pressure at B? C. What is the blood flow through the 16 vessel? 1/R = 1/(16 ) + 1/(48 ); so R = 12 A. Q = (24 mmHg)/(24 ) = 1 liter/min (4 points) B. P B = 6 mmHg + (1 l/min)x(12 ) = 18 mmHg (3 points) C. Q = (12 mmHg)/(16 ) = 3/4 liter/min (3 points) 2. (3 points) How does the L-type Ca 2+ channel of cardiac muscle differ from that of skeletal muscle? The Ca 2+ channel of skeletal muscle physically contacts the Ryanodine Receptor (RR), so that activation of the channel directly opens the RR.
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bisc307--exam 3 %28sp. 06%29 - Third Exam BISC 307L General...

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