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Re-grade is not your opportunity to haggle for points. If you feel a factual or arithmetic error was made in the grading of an examination, not on judgments about how many points an answer was awarded. The deadline to submit your re-grade request to the grading TAs is 5:00 pm Wednesday, March 22. You have two options regarding submitting your re-grade request: Option 1: You may approach individual grading TAs during their office hours about your re- grade. See grading TAs’ office hours below: page 1 – Xiaoming (Thursday 12-1, Friday 1-2) Page 2 – Huanying (Tuesday 4-5, Wednesday 4-5) Page 3 – Fangfang (Monday 10-11, Tuesday 11-noon) Page 4 – Jia (Monday 4-5, Wednesday 4-5) Page 5 – Kyle (Monday 1-2, Wednesday 1-2) Please note: No TA office hours during spring break. Option 2: If you don’t have time or don’t want to approach grading TAs individually, you may submit a written request (clearly explain the error made in grading) along with your exam to your lab TAs.
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