3-10-09_Notes - - Nicotiniamide adenine dinucleotide in...

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- Nicotiniamide adenine dinucleotide in oxidized form (NAD+) - Difference between oxidized form and reduced form is reduced form occurs when the cofactor can accept an H-, (two electrons and a proton) - Changing from planar to chair form - Aromatic to allophatic ring - Nitrogen is neutral, and it is tetrahedral because lone pair of electrons is sticking out - Typical chair form - Powerful donor of H- - Reduced form, is powerful acceptor of H- - Cannot synthesize nyocinate - Can come as nicotinate or nicotine acid - Ammonia becomes amide, and gives nicotinamide - We have to look at the label to see what it is present as - AS is nicotnate acid in the vitamin - Interaction with the planar aromatic ring - There is a linkage between two nucleotides, 5’-5’ chiriphosphate linkage, which cannot be cleaved by a normal ribonuclease, making it more stable - AMP binding domain can surround the whole thing - Equal as an oxidized form and a reduced form - Take advantage of energy to synthesize reaction - NADP+ doesn’t mean the plus is on the P, it is still on the nicotinamide - Cytoplasm will always have a redox problem - - Inflavine cofactor FAD - In oxidized form, has a 3 member aromatic ring - Two ring son the right participate in the redox reaction - The left one alternates from being planar and doesn’t change from being oxidized and reduced - Changes aromatic ring into a chair form - In the chair form when reduced - Tetrahedral arrangement when reduced - Is not a powerful oxidizing reagent, NAD is more powerful - The ribose is in the linear form instead of cyclic
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3-10-09_Notes - - Nicotiniamide adenine dinucleotide in...

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