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bisc330.mt1.makeup - (10 6 How did Anfinsen determine...

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Name Exam 1 MAKE-UP DR TOWER 175pts (20) 1. Draw enough of glycogen so that we can recognize all the sugars and types of bonds involved. What are the names of the glycosidic bond(s) involved? (15) 2. Why have proteins evolved to be marginally stable? (15) 3. What types of bonds stabelize the proteins found in thermophilic bacteria, ie such as might live in really hot water? (20) 4. Draw the structure of two different post-translationally modified amino acids. (20) 5. Draw the non-covalent bond connecting a cysteine and a cysteine in a normal alpha-helix structure.
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Unformatted text preview: (10) 6. How did Anfinsen determine whether the Rnase was folded (native state) or unfolded (denatured)? (20) 7. Design a 20AA alpha helix (three letter AA codes, please) that could be half-buried. Indicate which AAs are hydrophobic and which are hydrophilic. (30) 8. Draw a titration curve for a solution of histidine. At each of the shoulders in the curve draw the two most abundant forms of histidine. (10) 9. What causes those shoulders in the titration curve? (15) 10. What are three functions of phosphorylation?...
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