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CHBE4 - Chemical Engineering Careers g g Dr George...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemical Engineering Careers g g Dr. George McConaghy University of Illinois February 16, 2009 My Chemical Engineering Background Education University of Illinois, BSChE (1967) University of Washington MSChE (1968) Washington, University of Illinois, PhD ChE (1974) Indiana U i I di University, B i it Business S h l (1988) School Work Experience Amoco Corporation and BP plc. (1967 2005) A C ti d BP, l University of Illinois (2005 present) Presentation Outline Chemical Engineers are versatile Sources for career information Model for M d l f career contribution stages t ib ti t Examples of my work experiences Sustainability in the Chemical Industry Career development actions Chemical Engineering a Strong Foundation f M F d i for Many C Careers Chemical and Materials Industries Oil and Gas Production, Refining Biotechnology, R Bi t h l Renewable F l bl Fuels Consumer Products Business Roles Marketing, Finance, Management g Sources for Career Information http://www.aiche.org/Students/Careers/index. aspx http://www.careercornerstone.org/chemeng/ch emeng.htm Please visit these web sites and explore their content!! You will find a treasure trove of information related to ChE careers and finding employment. g p y Four Stage of Contribution Model TM Contributing Dependently Contributing Independently Contributing Through Others Contributing Strategically Reference: Novations Group Inc. http://www.novations.com/novations/go/nsdc/3887/en/DesktopDefault.aspx Contributing Dependently My first project upgrading heavy oils Technologies I knew Fl id mechanics Fluid h i Heat and mass transfer Technologies I had to learn Refining catalysis - Hydrodesulfurization Refinery process technology Pil t plant d Pilot l t design and operation i d ti Results of First Project Recommended fluidized bed reactors for heavy oil hydroprocessing Built and operated pilot plant for catalyst testing Results l d t d i of commercial plant R lt led to design f i l l t The plant cost over $500 million dollars in 1980 and is still operating today Copyright BP PLC Contributing Through Others: Implementing an Olefins Kinetic Model I l ti Ol fi Ki ti M d l Project g j goals in 18 months Create and validate an olefins yield prediction model Implement the model for plant optimization Our team Four talented chemical engineers Our resources Pilot plants in Belgium and consultants in Italy Models developed and sold by others Our result implemented model improved plant performance by 5 million dollars per year Copyright BP PLC Contributing Through Others: Leading Polyester I t L di P l t Intermediates di t Led department for Amoco's pol ester polyester intermediates technologies 50 chemists engineers and technicians chemists, Responsible for strategy and projects Pl Plant process improvements t i t Customer support with end use applications N New environmental process f wastewater i t l for t t Copyright BP PLC Contributing Strategically: Entering N E i New B i Businesses New technology for new markets Aerospace materials Electronic materials New high performance polymers Technology discovery and development Exciting!!! Learned several new technology fields gy Business Development essential but difficult Aerospace Composite Materials Source: Boeing.com/commercial/787family Learning from Experience What I enjoyed the most Discovering new technical areas Projects that were important j p Working in teams with outstanding people Discover what you enjoy and find motivating! Solving complex problems? Research to advance the frontiers of engineering? Creating products that improve people's lives? Sustainability in the Chemical Industry Sustainability in the Chemical Industry Source: "Sustainability in the Chemical Industry: Grand Challenges and Research Needs", National research Council (2005) Career Development Actions Seek early opportunities for technical work y pp Co-op and summer intern employment Co Laboratory assistant at UIUC y Build reputation for technical contribution Seek opportunities to learn and contribute Learn business, economics and financial basics Develop interpersonal, communication and leadership kill l d hi skills Network to establish professional relationships Conclusion Main Points Education is the foundation for any career Every work experience requires new learning My experience involved various technologies and business situations in one company Career progress entails developing Technical and business knowledge Communications teamwork leadership Communications, teamwork, Flexibility new roles and directions Copyright BP PLC ...
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