Drugs & behaviots - • How many “schedules” of...

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Concepts Chapter 3 What were the major concerns that lead to the passage of drug control legislation in 1906? What new requirement resulted from the passage of the Pure Food and Drug act? What was the purpose of the Harrison Act of 1914? What are the three phases of clinical trials required by the FDA prior to approval of a NDA? What occurs at each phase? What was the 18 th amendment and what is its significance in the development of the US government’s approach to drug control?
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Unformatted text preview: • How many “schedules” of drugs were created by the Controlled Substances Act? In what way do the drugs classified in each schedule; along what characteristics? • What are some of the costs associated with federal drug control efforts? • What are some issues related to the validity of drug tests? • What is drug paraphernalia ? How is it defined? What are important factors in defining it? • What standards must OTC drugs meet in order to reach the market?...
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Drugs & behaviots - • How many “schedules” of...

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