Syllabus Gen Chem I_ S10

Syllabus Gen Chem I_ S10 - Syllabus for General Chemistry I...

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Syllabus for General Chemistry I Laboratory SPRING 2010 CHM2045L General Chemistry Tutors: Available free of charge location TBA COURSE INFORMATION: Welcome! CHM 2045 (General Chemistry Laboratory I) is the first semester of a beginning course in laboratory methods and techniques. CHM 2045 (General Chemistry I) is a coreqisite or prerequisite. The laboratory should facilitate your understanding of the lecture material and supports the concepts taught in the lecture course. There may be times when concepts wil be instroduced in the laboratory before they are introduced in the lecture course. In this laboratory course we are concerned with teachng you how to analyze information, how to organize data and methods of problem solving. These skills are advantageous regardless of your major. The laboratory is a testing ground allowing you the opportunity to develop skills. The ability to organize data, solve problems and communicate results is desirable and beneficial in the science and health professions as well as in business and industry. There are many resources available to help you with the course material. Tutors are available FREE of charge to all General Chemistry students, location will be announced . The USF library has many textbooks and other resources on chemistry available to you as well as the textbook center both downstairs and on the main level. If you want private tutoring, visit CHE 205 for a list of available tutors and their fees. Chemistry, like most science and math courses, requires a commitment of time. It is not realistic to expect high scores without adequate preparation. This means that you should begin preparation for a lab AT LEAST THE NIGHT before the class. This will allow you time for questions and research, should you need it. We hope that you are able to benefit from this course. REQUIRED TEXTS AND SUPPLIES: Your Course Information Lab TA: __________________________________________________________________ TA’s office hours: __________________________________________________________ Lab Section and Meeting Time: _______________________________________________
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1 . Lab Manual : CHM 2045L General Chemistry I Laboratory Spring 2010 Edition , published byHayden McNeil with ISBN 978-0-7380-3688-5 . The manuals are available at the USF Textbook Center.
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Syllabus Gen Chem I_ S10 - Syllabus for General Chemistry I...

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