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Chapter 5 Important Points Review Questions: 1.From what source do most drugs derive? What purpose might the psychoactive effects of drugs serve; why would plants have developed these effects? 2.What different types of names/nomenclature are used to refer to a drug? 3.Into what category of drugs would alcohol fall? 4.What is meant by “specific” and “nonspecific” effects of drugs? How does this relate to placebo effects? 5.In terms of the dose-response relationship, what is meant by “threshold”?
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Unformatted text preview: 6.What is LD 50 ? ED 50 ? What is the Therapeutic Index? How is it computed? 7.What is meant by potency toxicity and safety margin? 8.What factors/processes influence the time course of drug action? 9.What are the different modes of drug administration? How do they differ in terms of speed of absorption and onset of effects? 10. What is the blood brain barrier? What type of molecules most readily cross it?...
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