Chapter 4 Helpful Review Questions

Chapter 4 Helpful Review Questions - risk” and “total...

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Chapter 4 Important Points Review Questions 1.What do we mean by a “laissez-faire” approach to drug use? 2. What three concerns lead to a change in society’s attitude toward drugs? 3. What does each involve? 4.What are the different forms of toxicity? Think of examples. 5. What elements are part of the concept of physiological dependence? Explain them. 6. What is DAWN? What does it do and what can it tell us? What is meant by “relative
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Unformatted text preview: risk” and “total impact” of the use of a drug? How are they different? 7. What process is now believed to most influence repeated excessive drug use? 8. What are the models of dependence and the focus of each? 9. In what manner might drugs be related to crime? Which drug is accepted as being most often related to (associated with) crime and violence? 10. What are some reasons that people often perceive that drugs cause criminal acts or behaviors?...
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