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Chapter 4 Important Points Review Questions

Chapter 4 Important Points Review Questions - 9 Describe...

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Chapter 4 Important Points Review Questions: (drugs & Behaviors) 1. What is homeostasis? 2. What is the blood-brain barrier? 3. What characteristic allows molecules to cross the blood-brain barrier? 4. What are the four main regions of every neuron? 5. What are the branches of the autonomic nervous system? 6. What functions does each serve? 7. What brain area and neurotransmitter are mainly involved in Parkinson’s disease? 8. What are receptors, what is their function?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Describe the process of enzymatic synthesis? 10. What are synapses? 11. What processes work to remove neurotransmitters from the synapse? 12. What are the two main ways in which drugs can affect neurotransmitter systems? 13. What methods are used to visualize what is happening in the brain? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each? 14. How are action potentials created? What is depolarization? 15. What are endorphins?...
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