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Important Points - 5.What is the “Drug-Free” schools program 6.What is DARE and what has research shown regarding its effectiveness 7.What

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Important Points Review Questions: Prevention 1.How do the approaches and goals of drug prevention v. drug education differ? 2.What are the different types/levels of prevention described in both the public health model and Institute of Medicine model? 3.What shortcomings were noted in the results of the Knowledge-Attitudes-Behavior model? 4.What are the characteristics of the affective education approach?
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Unformatted text preview: 5.What is the “Drug-Free” schools program? 6.What is DARE and what has research shown regarding its effectiveness? 7.What criticisms were leveled at substance abuse prevention programs in the 1984 review? 8.What is the major component of most workplace drug prevention programs? 9.According to the text, “What should we be doing (and what should we avoid)?”...
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