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Important Points Review Questions stimulants

Important Points Review Questions stimulants - 7 What...

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Important Points Review Questions: Stimulants (drugs & Behaviors) 1. What characteristic is common to all addictive drugs? 2. From the posted article on cocaine 3. Who was Halstead? Why did he investigate cocaine? 4. Why did Freud study cocaine? 5. What are some criticisms of current penalties for crack cocaine? 6. What neurotransmitter systems are affected by cocaine?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What methods are used to administer cocaine? Which method is most common in recreational use? 8. What is crystal meth? 9. What are the shortcomings of amphetamines in treating depression? 10. What is the time to peak effects of amphetamines after ingestion? 11. What is meth mouth and what causes it?...
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