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Important Points Review Questions: Alcohol 1. What are fermentation and distillation? 2. What are congeners? 3. Who first noted alcoholism as an addictive disease? 4. Why (several reasons) was prohibition repealed? 5. How has alcohol consumption changed in the last 30 years? 6. What individual factors affect BAC? 7. What are the steps in alcohol metabolism? 8. What is “proof”?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What is the most frequently consumed alcohol-containing beverage? 10. What is pylorospasm? What function does it serve? 11. What is the Balanced Placebo design? Why is it useful? What has it shown us about craving and loss-of-control among alcoholics? 12. What type of deficit occurs in alcohol metabolism among people of Oriental lineage? 13. What is “alcohol myopia”?...
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