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Abnormal Psychology course syllabus - Abnormal Psychology...

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Abnormal Psychology PSY-CLP 4143- 001 –Spring, 2010 University of South Florida Instructor: Office: Office hours: email: phone: Meredith Elzy, M.A. PCD 3107 Tues. 2pm -3pm [email protected] 974-2492 Meeting time: T & Th 12:30-1:45 pm Classroom: CHE 100 Course Website: https://my.usf.edu Course Introduction: This course in Abnormal Psychology offers an introduction to the assessment and diagnosis of major psychological disorders. The course will present the foundations for the current diagnostic system, the basic criteria of major psychological disorders, and an introduction to the leading treatment approaches for some of these disorders. In addition, throughout this course, you will be asked to explore the existence of these disorders outside of the classroom through exposure related activities. Students will not only learn the core concepts and theories, but will also be exposed to the historical underpinnings, issues of diversity, and the ethical concerns in the area of abnormal psychology. The course is designed for both psychology majors and nonmajors. Prerequisite: None Course Objectives: The student who successfully completes this course will be able to: 1. define psychological disorder and integrate abnormal behavior within this definition, 2. describe the multidimensional model of psychological disorders, 3. explain the basics of clinical assessment and the diagnostic system for psychological disorders, 4. list and describe the major psychological disorders, 5. understand the influence of culture in the diagnosis of psychological disorders, 6. evaluate ethical issues that commonly arise in the field of abnormal psychology, 7. recognize the limitations inherent in the research of psychological disorders, and 8. critically evaluate controversies surrounding some of the most prominent psychological disorders. Required Texts: Durand, V.M. & Barlow, D. (2010). Essentials of Abnormal Psychology (5 th edition) . Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing. Halgin, R.P. (2009). Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Abnormal Psychology (5 th edition). Boston, MA: McGraw- Hill Companies, Inc. Recommended Resources: Durand, V.M. & Barlow, D. (2010) Essentials of Abnormal Psychology Study Guide . Website: The syllabus, lecture outlines, assignments, grades, and other course-related materials and announcements will be posted on the “My USF” website. You can access this site at https://my.usf.edu . If this is your first time on the site or you are a new USF student (and need a USF email address), click on the link for new users to get directions. It is expected that all students will have access to this site and will check it regularly for announcements and lecture notes. A list of computer labs on campus can be obtained by calling 974-1222. Notes and audio and/or video recordings for the purpose of sale are forbidden.
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Abnormal Psychology course syllabus - Abnormal Psychology...

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