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Review Test Two Statistical Methods for Testing, Development, and Manufacturing I Winter 2010 Name and discuss the two major areas of statistical inference . a. parameter estimation b. and hypothesis testing Explain how chance plays a role throughout the statistical process. a. random selection of subjects b. application of probability distributions c. confidence intervals & levels of significance Understand that valid statistical conclusions are based on random samples with the hope that the sample is representative of the population and that the sample statistic is a accurate estimate of the population parameter. Understand the caveats that statistical conclusions are based on the sample data and the level of significance. Define the terms p-value, Type I Error, Type II Error, Power of the Test. Excellent practice for the test includes the following problems: Homework: Textbook Montgomery and Runger, 4ed Page 128 4-41; 4-43; 4-47; 4-57; 4-61 Page 236 7-1; 7-3; 7-5 Page 313 9-37a; 9-39a;
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