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Review Test Three Statistical Methods for Testing, Development, and Manufacturing I Winter 2010 Understand that valid statistical conclusions are based on randomly selected, representative samples of the population. That is to say, if the sample is not representative of the population, then all bets are off. Understand the caveats that statistical conclusions are based on the sample data and the level of significance. That is to say, if we were to use a different sample and/or a difference level of significance, then we might arrive at a different conclusion regarding the hypotheses. Know the definition and application of p-values (it will not be necessary to calculate p-values). Use the definition in Montgomery and Runger, 4ed, Glossary, page 758. Explain the difference between Statistical Significance and Practical Significance (page 302, Section 9-1.6). Define Type I Error, Type II Error, Power of the Test . Describe the effect of changing the
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